Sasha Waltz: Architectural Dialogue @ MAXXI – Rome


I witnessed one of the three Dialogues of Sasha Waltz at the MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century ArtsĀ in Rome designed by Zaha Hadid. It was a stunning experience. Performers literally talked about space, and let the architecture of Hadid speak by itself. Costumes and props were unique and classy, minimalism was the key, but with an enormous effort behind to understand and then reveal, the magic of MAXXI’s architectural space. Sasha Waltz was not replicating the previous performance in Berlin, because she realized a totally new one, taking real inspiration from the specific site instead of using her old choreography.
A must to see.


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The focus relies upon interaction, intersection, contamination and collaboration between the actors (inhabitants) and the stage (architecture) of the city.

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Andrea Moneta