DELITe Symposium @ NTU


Yesterday I attended the NTU DELITe Symposium that was part of DELITe Project, built in association with all nine Schools across the University, to promote and develop interactive learning in lectures and teaching across the curriculum. The project commenced in January 2015 and is running for 18 months.

The Symposium was aimed to raise awareness about interactive lecturing, a way to produce more effective way of teaching and to engage students. 

The Symposium featured a keynote address from Ashley Barnes, Acting Group Leader in Performance for Stage and Screen at Sheffield Hallam University and also included a variety of interactive workshops, each focussing on an area of lecturing and teaching, delivered by academic staff from NTU and other regional Universities.

I could experience several interesting approaches and tools (also digital) to stimulate learning and avoid, or at least reduce, the “boring” effect that lectures usually produce in the audiences.

I very much enjoyed some of the workshops: “Use of Drama to stimulate interactivity in lectures & teaching” by Ashley Barnes,  “Performance related lecture delivery” by Ian Turner, “Interactive Feedback” by Ellie Kennedy and “Tools for interactive lectures” by Royce McKie and Ben Williams of CADQ e-Learning team. With this last workshop I had the possibility to discover some interesting tools such as Padlet, YouPoll.

Today teachers could have great support from web 2.0 tools and more connection with students through the use of personal devices (Ipad, tablet, smart phone).

If it is not really possible to stop students checking their phone, they could try to use in a proper way 😉


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